Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Idea:

I’m going to medical school. Hopefully. At this point, I don’t actually know that I’m going to medical school, but since I am a decently strong applicant and tried hard not to do stupid things that will count against me (like writing a truthful weblog that details my jaded experience with admissions in open internet space allowing anyone with decent search skills and a job as an admissions committee member to read it), I am fairly certain that I will enter school in 2008. Of course that kid in the middle of the soccer field during the lightning storm holding up his school flag was fairly certain he wasn’t going to get struck by lightning and then BONGO! he got herpes, so you never know. Assuming I do make it into medical school, I plan to use this weblog to document what happens, what doesn’t happen but I imagine happens, and any other thoughts moderately related to medicine that I deem worthy, like motorcycles or tattoos. So without further adieu, here we go. Oh actually just a few further adieus. I plan to keep this truthful but I promise I will exaggerate at some point, so don’t be that douche that’s like, wait a foley catheter couldn’t possibly be that big, yarr!(you know, because you are a pirate douche). I also mean the best of intentions. So if I come off like a dick, know that in practice I am working very hard towards the greater good before you call your lawyer.