Monday, April 12, 2010

Challenge: Describe anal sex without using the term anal and still sound professional

Me: "Do you have vaginal, oral or anal sex"
Patient: "Anal sex? What's that"
Me: "Uh"
Me: "You know vaginal sex?"
Patient: "Yeah"
Me: "Uh, the uh," (extremely vague hand gestures)
Patient: "What?"
Me: "When you put it in the butt."
Patient: "Oh yeah, I definitely do that."

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Julie said...

One of your better posts. I laughed when I read it, and I laughed when I reread it, and I laughed in the car when I thought about it.

However, given some of the more recent posts I read, you definitely need a gift card from campusfoods. They can be delivered electronically...either you haven't made it possible to send you something electronically or I haven't figured it out. Either way...get on that.