Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doc, I either A. Broke my radius B. Broke my ulna C. Broke my scaphoid or D. Broke my hamate, can you fix me?

Thanks to shelf exams, I feel very proficient in my ability to treat a case of Tylenol overdose if that patient gives me their story in under 1 minute and comes in holding 4 antidote drugs labeled A-D*, only one of which will work.

*Note:  If the past three patients all required drug B to treat them, and this patient is holding what I believe to be the correct drug name labeled as B, I cannot be held responsible for incorrectly treating them due to the Not Being Expected to Answer the Same Letter 4 Times in a Row, One of Them Must Totally Be Wrong Act of 1978.

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Kramer said...

That Act of 1978 is a tricky one...