Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gnomebody knows the trouble I've seen

I get all of my bullshit spam email between 1 and 4am.  It's not real spam, it's spam I deserve, Amazon, Borders, STA, things I actually signed up for. Things I will get for the rest of my life that will cause me no actual harm, but must be annoyingly eliminated every so often (not all together unlike herpes).  When they do come (the spam, not the herpes), it's always over night.  I inevitably wake up to 2-3 emails that have been dropped in my inbox while slumbering or beamed in at that exact second I turned to make a sandwich while drunk after the bars close.  It's like the Spam Gnome, waiting patiently behind that last tab for the perfect opportunity to swoop in and offer me free shipping.

(Or Gnome herpes.)

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