Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Y= (X squared), where X= the amount of links I can go through on the internet when I should be studying

I did it.  I hit the asymptote of internet procrastinating.  I hit the end and I'm staring off the edge.  I will tell the story, so it can live forever as my last words before I jump off the cliff and enter the procrastination matrix (where I will become Neo and dodge bullets of work, ride a ship of Youtube videos, and fight off hundreds of deadlines with a sign post).

I was searching for the tax form that one must fill out to live in this country and I couldn't remember the numbers.  I searched 1040, because I was fucking right (booyah!) and saw a wikipedia page on 1040.  I clicked on it, interested to see what words of wisdom wiki had about me and my finances, only to find a page on the year 1040.  It listed deaths, births, events, and some other random shit.  I thought to myself, ok, that's a pretty random year to have an entire page dedicated to, but maybe it's because it's a decade, what about 1041? Yep, on there.  Ok, 1341? The year the Queen's college was founded. 211? January- Cao Cao writes Rang Xian Zi Ming Ben Zhi Ling. But surely it can't...2084, the year that Total Recall is supposed to take place.  2158, the year the Central Bureaucracy was established in Futurama.  Tell my family I love them...

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