Monday, April 19, 2010

An Apple a day keeps the doctor, and everyone within ear shot, happy.

Remember when you were a kid and you had that video, the one that you watched so many times that to this day, if someone played the opening song, you'd probably have a fun-seizure?  Remember how, when you think back to it, your parents really just used that video to shut you up when they needed a free hour so they could go put the laundry away (which always took a surprisingly long time and was pretty noisy and, wasn't...wasn't the laundry still in the basement that one time you went down and checked)?  Well think if you could have access to that video at any time or place, wouldn't that be awesome?

Enter...the iPhone.  Ask me how many parents I have seen use it to calm their kid down while I listened to their tiny, but mighty hearts. Two hundred thousand.  In my 3 weeks of out patient pediatrics, I saw two hundred thousand parents use an iPhone to calm their child down.  I once saw an 18 month old unlock the phone, find her video and play it.  18 month olds can't draw a circle or hold in their pee and this one could operate a $200, flash drive powered, touch screen.  It's like the moms who lift a car to save their child, only instead of parents finding unbelievable amounts of strength to save the love of their life, these are kids that really fucking love those pious vegetables. It's the most underrated feature of an apple product yet.  Even more underrated than those really neato, neon, see-through macs they created a few years back.

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Nicholas said...

By the time you are out of residency and working in a hospital, you will have your hospital IT questions answered by someone's 11-year old son.