Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am...NPH

It's always weird when a patient asks me how old I am.  Do I tell them?  I don't think that's completely appropriate.  I guess I can say, "I don't think that is an appropriate question for me to answer", which will emphasize both that it isn't important to their care and that I am a complete cheesedick.  I'm just going to start saying, "Me? 16.  Have you ever seen Doogie Howser?  The show was based on me.  Now give me your arm I have to do stuff to it."


Nicholas said...

Isn't there a rule about how much younger you can be than your patient? It's like add 32 to their age and then multiply by 9/5 or something.

bentley said...

Or you could say you're 90 years old. When they mention how young you look make sure to tell them it's due to not contracting the disease they have or engaging in the damaging behavior that caused their hospital trip.

Example: I look younger than I do because I don't have Macular edema!!