Friday, March 2, 2012

Misfits, but really, it all fits.

I watched the first 10 minutes of this show while on call and the resident I was with said, and I quote, "I have no idea what they are saying, this is stupid, let's go round".  That ended Misfits for me for 6 months.  Then, one day, my world was opened again on a whim to kill an hour.  Three days later I emerged having watched two twelve episode seasons.  I'm not confident I showered in that time.

When I describe this show to others, I say, "think of Heroes and Community mashed together, but better than both".  In the first episode a group of UK kids who are doing community service for minor offenses are caught in a storm and get special powers.  So did everyone else caught in the storm.  You end up with five fuck ups with "special power" (Ok, mutant powers. Give credit where credit is due, all of these shows are just reruns of X-Men*) who end up killing their probation worker and have to hide him.  Drama ensues.  Hilarity ensues.  Hilarious drama ensues.

This show has everything.  Absolutely everything.  It has moments that Breaking Bad and Dexter should be shown so they can understand how to build suspense.  "Oh, I see. Get the audience to believe what the characters believe.  Weird, who knew that would work."  There are stylized episodes that would make Community bow and say, "well done".  There's a Nazi episode, a cult episode, an episode where a guy has a power that makes him think he's in Grand Theft Auto that is so on point with Grand Theft Auto that you would believe the actor they got to play the GTA guy is the actual guy who did the stop-motion for the game.  And yes, of course it has a zombie episode.

It is also fucking hilarious.  The main guy, Nathan (Robert Sheehan of well, absolutely nothing) is one of the funniest on screen actors I have seen.  Remember when you were watching 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place and you were like, "Wow, this show blows. Although...that one guy, he seems to have something special" and that guy turned out to be Ryan Reynolds (regardless of what you think of him now, admit he was good when you first saw him.  Admit it.  Now.  In writing.  Leave a comment.)?  This guy is like that.  His delivery is something special.

The directing is spectacular, the writing is amazing, the characters even better.  Even the theme song is a great Rapture song (Echoes, if you're looking for it) and they have some awesome music in their show.  Fuck, even the cinematography is top notch.

So please, get on hulu, spend 4 days and get caught up on all 3 seasons, and we can have a Misfits party before season 4 comes out.

*Note: And just like X-men and all of these shows, there is some awkward time traveling stuff.  I didn't say every episode was perfect, just that most were.

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