Tuesday, November 17, 2009

False Blood*

I don't get the people that just go home. There are only 3 points in a night that I am aware of, the point when I'm hooking up, the point when they turn the lights on and all the darkseekers run, or the "alright, dan, maybe it's time you went to bed. No, everyplace is closed. No you can't walk home, you will get in this cab. Give me your phone. No, give me your phone. Dan, do not text her, it's 3:30 and she has the bar exam tomorrow. Get in the cab". Who are these people leaving at 1130 when they get "tired"? They exist, I know it, hiding among us, like social vampires, sucking fun away.

*that's a True Blood joke.  I clarify because I came back to edit this and was like, "False blood?  what the hell am I talking about?" 

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