Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm denying that there are any conceptual errors in this, and if you disagree, you are a poopy head.

Some time long ago, some psych guy came up with the concept of defense mechanisms.  With a good grasp on defense mechanisms, you can pretty much annoy the piss out of anyone.

"How did your psych rotation go?"
"It was ok, I think I learned a lot and the patients were interesting."
"So you hated it and you are just using Rationalization to justify the time you put in."
"No, I really liked it."
"That's Reaction Formation, you're saying the opposite of how you feel."
"Ok I think I liked it."
"Don't repress your feelings, it clearly sucked."
"I'm not repressing anything."
"Classic Denial"
"I'm not in denial!"
"That's called Acting Out.  It's an immature defense you know."
"Clearly you are the one who hated it or you wouldn't be grilling me like this."
"Don't project your feelings onto me."
"Would you stop? You are annoying the shit out of me."
"You are displacing your anger about your rotation on me."
"Ahhh! Fucking stop! You are a fucking asshole!"

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