Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry mom, you may have to find a new blog to click 1000's of times

I haven't posted anything in almost a month.  This does not bode well for my future in residency when I will similarly have no time.  See right now I'm doing a "Sub I" in my chosen specialty, which happens to be a pretty intense one.  Like the most intense one (arguably).  And they are taking no shortcuts on mercilessly beating the living shit out of me at every turn.

See I'm on call literally every other day.  That means every day of my life, I'm either on call (staying over night with a pager and a sticker on my forehead that says, "your bitch") or post-call (the day after call, when you haven't slept).  That is brutal.  Literally more brutal than anything else possible.  You can't be on call more than that.  And it's much worse than that.  Instead of going home post-call at 11 or 12, like a resident on call, I'm going to the OR and staying until at least 530.  Calculating it out, that's 36+ hours of straight work*.  I've worked 41 hours in 2 days. That's overtime in 2 days. 

Generally, this is because I'm there to love surgery, and since I don't have real clinical responsibility, they send me to the OR, so I can love more surgery.  In the OR my duties range from suctioning blood to standing in a corner trying to peer over someone's shoulder.  Well appearing to try to peer over someone's shoulder

When I get out of the OR, I do scut work.  A term that means, scientifically, "shit work".  Taking off bandages, drawing blood, telling residents how pretty they look, stuff like that.  I do get to see patients that need a consult from my service, which can range from fun to extremely painful (turns out there are a lot of odd ducks in the world), but is generally the highlight of my non-OR time.  We do this all through the night, then back to the OR, then home to sleep for 4 hours and back again the next day at 5am.  So sorry about not posting a lot, mom.

*note: "Work" is a loose term.  Generally work implies receiving monetary compensation for effort and results.  Instead, I pay to do this.

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