Sunday, September 25, 2011

display('programming sucks')

I'm learning to program (again), which is a lot like trying to learn to live in a world with a different set of physical laws, holding nothing but wikipedia.  It's like appearing in a world, wearing normal clothes, and the sun is shining, and people are walking around looking normal, so you try to take a step. Error.  Area (muscle) non-real index.

So your leg doesn't move. So you look up muscle.  Then you realize you need to know more than muscle, so you go looking for other stuff that is often cool, but you have no idea if you need it or not.  So you look up cell, nerve, desire, will-power, gravity, lactic acid, exhaustion, coordination, balance, track and field, world records, and walk-a-thon.  You try again. Your leg picks up and you try to extend your leg to land the step. Error. Undefined function or method 'step' for input arguments of "walk".

I respect the shit out of people who spend they're lives recreating the world through a made up series of logical operators, while listening to techno and monstering red bull.

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