Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You can take my freedom, but you can't take the word Dong.

I was taking this test where we see standardized patients*, take a history and physical on them, then write the whole thing up, come up with a differential diagnosis, and order some fake tests.  It's a timed test for both the interview and the write-up, so you tend to rush through and not care much about spelling and whatnot.  Still, I finished one patient and had a bit of time to review my write up, at which point I found this:

"64 year old female complaining of left sided chest pain following exertion.  Patient was taking her dong for a walk when she began feeling chest pain."

Hahahahahahahahaha, dong, hahahahahah, no but seriously, delete.

*note: Standardized patients are actors paid to pretend to have certain diseases and to give us information only when we ask the right questions.  It's a bit like a LARPing in terms of realness, skill at acting, and awkwardness.  

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