Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's smoke pot and play computer games

There are some words that are just about impossible to say cooley (like, "cooley").

Try to talk about marijuana and sound cool.

"We are going to go smoke some pot".  Thanks for the update, Baby-boomer.  Let me know how groovy it is and if you guys are going to the Simon and Garfunkel concert later.

"Those guys are going to eat weed brownies".  I hope they get a glass of milk with those and don't stay up too late watching Animaniacs, they have a big homework assignment due at the end of the week.

Using a desktop is another one.

"Let me just write this down on my PC".  Oh right, take whatever time you need to write on your "Personal Computer".  Do you think you can get me a copy with your Dot Matrix Printer, or better yet, Fax it to me.

"I have a desktop".  Cool dude, can't wait to come over and play computer games.  Should I bring a joystick so we can both play Civilization or SimCity 2000?

I've just started saying, "I don't have a mac".  That basically answers people's questions.

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