Thursday, June 10, 2010

F-Bomb Grandmom

Whenever I'm around my grandparents and say even, "crap" my parents scorn me and give me the watch your language around the grandparents lecture (a youtube favorite).  Why?  My grandma is 87, she has uttered more swears in her life than I've heard from all my hours of reality tv.  She knows swears that were buried in ancient tombs, the kind that summon beasts.  My grandma isn't an innocent soul that is going to accidentally repeat what I say in her daycare.  I don't think the report is going to come back that she was riling up her bridge game with her hootenanney.  Grandma will be just fine with the occasional F-bomb.  And if she's not, she will set a fiery beast upon me, granting no mercy on me and my smutty, idle-handed, soulless generation of tattoed, fist pumping, blasphemers sending us directly to the pits of Hades with rock music as our entrance theme.

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smith5213 said...

my grandma is the same way, she has a mouth that would make a sailor blush. it drives my mom NUTS and highly amuses me accordingly.