Wednesday, June 2, 2010

V/Q mismatch maker

The pulmonologist running my small group revealed to us the pulmonary clinic magic bullet, V/Q mismatch.  He said if you are ever pimped on a question about a patient with lung problems, just say, "Well, I was kind of thinking V/Q mismatch".  

Although it's clearly not what the pulmonologist was thinking, she'll stop for a second, furrow her brow, look up for a bit, call the fellow over, "what do you think about V/Q mismatch?", they'll mumble for a bit, furrow an impressive amount of brow, pace around, walk out of the clinic, head back to the Pulm Cave (which is a dead space I believe) and you are totally off the hook.  It's like hitting a shark on the nose.  No one's really sure what just happened, but you still have your legs and you get to go home.

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