Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie critic. Food critic. Well, food in movies critic.

I'm a fat kid.  I'm not actually fat because I work out and try to eat healthy, but at heart, I'm a fucking whale.

I know this because I was watching a scene in a movie where the protagonist and his friend were going to grab some hot dogs on the way home from work.  The friend bought an extra hot dog for the protagonist's brother and they were walking home, carrying the hot dogs, and talking.  They began to argue and the protagonist got pissed at his friend; as the argument came to a head, the protagonist stormed off.

The only thing I could think about the entire scene was that extra hot dog.  Don't forget that hot dog.  You're going to leave without that extra dog.  Don't do it.  You are letting your emotions get the best of you.  You're not thinking clearly.  Take the hot dog.  It's not even for you.  Don't let your brother suffer because you have an anger management problem.  You are blinded by rage and you are going to forget that hot dog.  Stop it.  You are a grown man.  Get a hold of yourself, and that hot dog, and walk away without ruining a friendship.  Or a piece of encased meat.  Think of your brother.  And the hot dog.  You are going to leave a relationship and a hot dog behind.  You arrogant prick.

And he did.  He left that hot dog.

I never forgave him.

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