Saturday, May 8, 2010

Technology changes, dirty words don't

When people get nervous, the sympathetic stimulation that results, narrows the mind's eye to a pretty sharp focus making normal reasoning and outside the box thinking amazingly difficult (to simplify an extremely complicated process and nonchalantly link nanometer sized neurotransmitters to the entire conscious being that is the mind, but hey, that's pop psychology for you.  Thanks Blink).  Additionally, even simple and ergonomically designed electronics are massively foreign when you haven't seen them before.  Apparently "intuitive" to engineers somehow doesn't quite translate to everyone else.  Who knew.

All of this leads to some of my favorite moments in med school in which one of our professors, who invented and then subsequently cured cancer, stands in front of 150 twenty somethings and loses his shit when the smart board doesn't quite work, unleashing words he hasn't used since his residency in the 1800s, and eventually gives up for the chalk board.

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