Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What up dog?

What if we reacted the way dogs do when they see each other? 

"Holy shit! There's someone else from my species!  Ok, calm but alert, calm but alert.  Say the same thing over and over loudly until you get near enough to rub faces.  Great. And now...oh yes, her crotch smells awesome!" 

Actually that's not altogether inaccurate.


Nicholas said...

I always worry that when two dogs who obviously want to talk/smell each other's butts are being pulled apart, those dogs are actually recognizing their soul mate. And we jerk their neck and say "sorry about that, he's just friendly."

Meat, M.D. said...

hahaha, that's great.

"how was your day today"
"oh fine, went for a walk, peed on a tree, met my fucking soul mate only to be ripped away by that 'dry food in the morning, wet is for dinner' asshole because he really wanted to 'get back and watch the 530 simpsons'. You know, typical day. I'll be alone forever!"
"oh no, no. there, there. you'll find someone. maybe she lives close by. Wanna chase a squirrel?"
"I'm so ugly!"