Thursday, May 6, 2010

Testing my patients

It is very frustrating in med school when you read the clinical vignette (a medical term for, "story".  Because we can never let anyone know what the hell we are talking about) for a test question and as you are reading the symptoms, you think, "Alport's Syndrome!  Boom! got this one, it is definitely going to be Alport's syndrome", then the next line of the question is, "You diagnose this as Alport's syndrome..."

Fucking great.  That was it, that was all I knew about Alport's syndrome, the fucking presentation.  Now, whatever the next part of this question is, I am guaranteed not to know.  You just exhausted my supply of Alport's knowledge.  What?  What do you want, Test?  What asinine thing do you want to know about Alport's?

"...the sensitivity of ultrasound in diagnosing severe renal disease in Alport's syndrome is NOT similar to the following ranges of numbers expressed as the filled in rows of this Friday's 5 Star sudoku:"