Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Girl Goggles

I know what you're thinking, you're not like the other girls. They all suck at telling how hot another girl is, but not you, you're different. You grew up with 3 brothers.  You basically have a dick.  Dude, you'd totally bang Angelina if you got the chance. You can rate girls just like guys can. 

But no, you're wrong. You can't.  You suck at it.  All we are hearing from your "objective" assessment of her attractiveness is a subjective assessment of how much you like her. Now stop trying to set me up with your nice friends and invite annoying Jenn out.


Julie said...

Sketch richly enhances your accurate point.

But, are you comfortable enough with your masculinity to draw 'guy goggles' when they are focused on other guys, occupying an objective position? (It's not a test; I don't know; I didn't have sons.) And if so, could you please? If not, I understand.

Nate Archibald said...
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Nate Archibald said...

fucking blogger. don't delete my comment.

Guy goggles just tell you whether the guy thinks he could beat the other guy at Horse

Meat, M.D. said...

Julie, for you i will write a sequel regarding male goggles. however i will not get around to this for quite some time.

Nate, you are such an angry person. if only people knew the real you.

Julie said...

You are a scholar and a gentleman AND a future doctor.

I would follow you, but I don't know what it entails...besides, it just sounds creepy.