Monday, February 8, 2010

Hair Drug For Men

My buddy started losing his hair when he was 20.  He was in denial for a year or so before the Ghost of Christmas Bald came to him, showed him the hair in his sink and a picture of James Carville, and the next day he was like "oh fuck no" and started on Finesteride (Propecia).  Finesteride is a really great drug that works by stopping the formation of a chemical derivative of testosterone that's only purpose in life seems to be to cause men's hair to fall out and their prostates to grow (earning this chemical the nickname, "The Cock Block", or in medical terms, "Cockblocksterone", which makes Finesteride the first pharmaceutical wingman.).  Finesteride has worked great for him and it has virtually halted his hair loss.  Its only downside, 70 bucks a month.  Although that is a relatively small price to pay to not be asked if you would, "like help carrying those groceries to the car" before age 30, as I think many men would agree, but unfortunately it's a lifer drug.  So, doing the math, he is paying $33,600 to not be bald by 60.  Suddenly a boob job isn't seeming so crazy, is it?

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